Chiangmai Fah Lanna Luxury Spa Sets (Hotel Transfer Included)


・Relax with a traditional northern Thai style massage with our valuable, discounted price.
・Feel the comfort of a soothing, relaxing Spa ambience.
・Take the hassle-free advantage of our convenient Hotel transfers.
・Get the chance to enjoy local Chiang Ma Mountain coffee or homemade ginger tea with delicate cake snacks.

-What You Can Expect -

Come and enjoy a traditional Thai Massage that rejuvenates the soul and body. Experience the exotic, fragrant vanilla oils. Pamper yourself and experience complete relaxation of the body with our quality spas.
Walk into this modern, luxurious spa, which reminds you of those gorgeous spas from top-notch resorts in Southeast Asia, with natural elements such as bamboo and wooden walkways around water ponds. Be drenched in the natural surrounding and imagine being in an oasis. Fah Lanna features traditional therapies like Thai Massage, Reflexology, Herbal Ball, Tok Sen Massage, Reiki as well as an extensive range of packages, offering the possibility for everyone to enjoy the century-old Thai massage. Visit an exclusive Café shop, called “Fahtara Coffee” and enjoy a taste of Chiang Mai coffee. In a large seating area with a lush, tropical garden, relax and enjoy the delicate snacks after a massage. Check out some of the newly natural spa products within the Fahtara brand and take a local handicraft and souvenir back home.

-Important Info-

・Service Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm
・Latest Entrance: 8:00pm
・Location: 57, 57/1 Wiang Kaew Road, near the corner of Jabhan Road, Sripoom, Ampur Muang, Chiang Mai 50200.
・How to Get There: Hotel transfers within Chiang Mai are included. If you live outside the suburbs, please make a personal trip to Fah Lanna Spa.

-Additional Info-

・To receive the April promo, please enter the coupon code "WA672" upon booking, a 5% off discount will be offered for bookings before March 15.
・To receive the May promo, please enter the coupon code "C1AQT" upon booking, a 5% off discount will be offered for bookings before April 15.
・Please provide 2 available time slots for the spa experience when making reservations.
・This experience is not available for pregnant individuals or children under the age of 15. Travelers should consider their health conditions before booking