Suzhou Tianping Mountain 1 day Private Tour(depart from Suzhou)

8.0 hours

- Important Info -

Departure time: 8:30am (recommended)
(Please contact driver at the day before your tour to confirm your departure time.)
Pick-up location: Hotel in Suzhou City
*please refer to the pick up range as below map.
Return time: 4:00 pm (estimated)
Trip duration: 8 hours (including drive time)

Please provide the name of each guest, the number of luggage you will bring, your hotel name and address, and your estimated departure time during the booking process.

- How to Reach Suzhou City -
Suzhou City has two main high-speed rail stations: Suzhou Station and Suzhou Park Station. It only takes 30 minutes to get from Shanghai to Suzhou via high-speed rail.

- Highlights -
# Quiet, peaceful surroundings
# First Mountain of Wuzhong
# Fiery autumn scenery
# Marvelous beauty that will move you beyond words
# One of the four best places to view the autumn colors in Jiangsu

Departure and return times are very flexible, and you have a large degree of freedom in planning your trip. You must cover the cost of food and landmark tickets yourself.

* Tianping Mountain
Mt. Tianping Scenic Spot is located in Jiangsu Province, in the southwest of Suzhou Old Town. The shores of Taihu Lake make up the heart of the Taihu National Scenic Area. Here lies the famous First Mountain of Wuzhong and the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan. Mt. Tianping is located 201 meters above sea level, and its terrain is steep and rugged. In olden days, it was called White Cloud Mountain and Ci Shan. Mt. Tianping also contains the ancestral burial grounds of Fan Zhongyan, an official from the Northern Song. Mt. Tianping is most famous for its rock formations, clear springs, and red maples. It is also home to the Thousand of Stones Reaching Toward Heaven, Tall Jade Peak, Lofty Red Clouds, the murmuring Jade Spring, as well as 18 other famous scenic spots. Deep in autumn, the entire mountain is covered in red leaves like layer upon layer of lingering red clouds. It is truly a magnificent sight, and earned Tianping the name “Heaven of Autumnal Splendor”.

* Mudu
Mudu is located in Southeast Jiangsu Province in the western part of Suzhou Old Town. It is a famous Jiangnan scenic area and enjoys its reputation as the Elegant Crown of Jiangnan. Mudu is a village of traditional Han arts and handicrafts. Historically, it is the home of the famous clay sculptor Yuan Yuchang, silverware craftsman Zhu Bishan, jeweler Lu Zigang, and embroiderer Sheng Chenshou, as well as many other famous master craftsmen. Their works are preserved as national treasures.

- Additional Info -

・An additional surcharge of CN¥200 per car applies during the Lunar New Year holidays from February 4 - 10, 2019. Please pay directly to driver on-site
・If car seats are needed, please book this tour at least 1 week in advance, and inform in the 'Notes' section when booking, surcharge of CN¥50 is needed to be paid on-site