【Venice of the East】Zhouzhuang Old Town. Chartered day trip (depart from Shanghai)

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-Departure time: 8:00 am (recommended); drive time is 1.5 - 2 hours
-Pick-up location: your hotel
*Please refer to the pick up range as shown below.
-Return time: 3:00 pm (estimated)
-Trip length: 9 hours including drive time

- Highlights -

China’s first Water Town
Venice of the East
China’s first 5-Star Scenic Area
One of Jiangnan’s six famous Old Towns
The place where legendary Ming aristocrat Shen Wansan began his career


Departure and return times are very flexible, and you have a large degree of freedom in planning your trip. You must cover the cost of food and landmark tickets yourself.

*Twin Bridges
The Twin Bridges are located in the center of Zhouzhuang, consisting of Shi De and Yong An Bridges. Built in the Ming Dynasty, these two bridges were linked together much like an old-style Chinese key, and so this bridge also came to be known as Key Bridge. The bridge became famous after its appearance in painter Chen Yifei’s oil painting “Memories of Home”.

* Shen Hall
Shen Hall was built by the descendants of Shen Wansan in 1742 during the reign of the Emperor Qianlong. With seven entrances and five gates and over 100 rooms, the residence extends over 2000 square meters. Shen Hall is comprised of three parts. The front section is the Water Gate and wharf along the river. Here, the hall’s inhabitants parked their boats and washed their clothes. The middle section is the Gatehouse, which includes a tea room, main hall, and guest reception area. Business transactions as well as nuptial and funerary arrangements were conducted here. The final section is the large hall, the small hall, and the rear chamber, where the residents lived their day to day lives. Shen Hall is an example of the classical architectural style where an antechamber is followed by a rear chamber.

* Quanfu Temple
Built during the reign of Emperor Yuanyou in the Song Dynasty (1086), the temple was expanded by each generation. The temple has become quite famous for its ornate designs and strong perfumes of burning incense. In 1995, it was expanded to include a temple garden along the water.

* Former residence of Shen Wansan
Introduction to the Zhouzhuang Shen Wansan Former Residence: the Shen Wansan Former Residence is located in east Zhouzhuang.
According to historical data, the residence was meticulously designed to imitate Ming dynasty architecture.
Here you can hear all the legends about Shen Wansan and the successes and failures of his tumultuous life as a merchant. Bronze statues, lacquer carvings, dioramas, clay sculptures, comics, and various other artistic techniques are used to illustrate the life and times of this legendary man.

- Vehicle Info -

・5-seater car:
- Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry, or similar vehicle
- Maximum of 3 passengers
・7-seater car:
- Buick GL8, Maxus G10, or similar vehicle
- Maximum of 6 passengers
・15-seater car:
- Toyota Hiace or similar vehicle
- Maximum of 13 passengers


・Please book your trip three days before departure. After booking is complete, please reserve the dates you wish to hire the car and inform the driver of your means of communication. Contact your driver and confirm your pickup location and communication method in Shanghai one day before departure.
・Please provide the name of each guest, the number of luggage you will bring, your hotel name and address, and your estimated departure time during the booking process.
・An additional surcharge of CN¥200 per car applies during the Lunar New Year holidays from February 4 - 10, 2019. Please pay directly to driver on-site
・If car seats are needed, please book this tour at least 1 week in advance, and inform in the 'Notes' section when booking, surcharge of CN¥50 is needed to be paid on-site