Kayak and Snorkel Along the Coast of Kenting

- Start Time: 9:00am/2:00pm (two start times offered)
- Locations: South Bay, Houbihu, Jialeshuei (depending on the weather)
- Length of Trip: the trip, lesson, and activity last approximately 2 hours
- Activity: 4 people per excursion. It is not recommended for children under 8 to attend
- Free Shuttle: free transportation to and from Chuanfanshi/Kenting main street/South Bay/Hengchun guesthouse

- Highlights -
# Experience for yourself the wonder of feeding fish up close
# Float freely on the ocean without a care in the world
# Learn all about ocean ecology from our instructors

- What You Can Expact-
This is a unique way to enjoy the water. Don’t worry if you can’t swim or lack prior experience, our professional instructors will attend to your needs in order to teach and lead you. Experience the excitement of paddling your own kayak out to sea and the thrill of braving the wind and the waves. Grasp the oars in your hands and paddle towards a beautiful horizon for a wholesome and leisurely experience.

Once we’ve rowed out to sea, we will designate an area for snorkeling. Our guides will lead you in your exploration of the glorious world of Houbihu’s seafloor. This non-motorized water sport complies with the conservation of marine life and developments in tourism and traveling. In order to protect our marine environments, there must be proper education. Thus, we teach tourists to value our marine environment and educate them on the everlasting importance of protecting natural ecosystems.

- Ticket Information -
Within 48 hours after your prepayment for this trip , our customer service would send out an e-confirmation code via email , and they would contact you the day before your diving to confirm the shuttle service, or you can proceed to the meeting location "墾丁玩家" on your own.

- A Special Reminder -
Appointment-only. When you place your order, please provide the correct dates and time. There is no way to change or cancel your reservation once it is made.