Yangshuo Cormorant Fishing Show

2 booked 2.0 hours


・An important part of traditional local live in Yangshuo.
・Must-go for those who love photographing.
・Unique activity that BBC introduced.


・Starting time: 7pm. Please call the driver at the day before your tour.
・Pick-up location:Hotels within Yangshuo core area.(within the area of Yangshuo Park—ShiMa Roundabout—Town Hall)Vehicles are prohibited inside Yangshuo West Street. Please walk out to the entrance of Yangshuo West Street if your hotel is inside.
・Time cost: it takes 20mins to go back and forth, and another 40mins for seeing the show.
・How to go back: The driver will drive you back to hotel.


The driver will pick you up at around 7pm from you hotel in core area of Yangshuo Town. It takes about 10mins to arrive at Li River. Get aboard and see the cormorant fishing for about 40mins. After cormorant fishing, driver will drive you back to hotel.


・If your hotel is outside the pick up area, please call the contact and wait at a hotel that inside the pick up area.
・Please provide the hotel name and address inside the pick up area.
・Please prepare raincoat by your self if it's raining.
・Be careful of your electrical device, such as camera, phone and watch. Don't let them fall into the Li River.
・This show can be booked only when you have 3 people or more.
・This is a group tour. There will be other visitors on the car and boat.

-Show Intro-

Cormorant fishing is a traditional way to fishing in Yangshuo. Fishermen put cormorant to dive into water to grab fishes. According to the history, cormorant fishing is started from 960 A.D. by Chinese and Japanese. It also used by other countries, but there are only Chinese and Japanese using this method today.

To control the cormorant, fishermen must trained them well. They will tie a straw on cormorant's neck to prevent them swallow down the fish. Cormorants will get back to fishermen after they catch a fish, then the fisherman will unload the fish from cormorant's mouth. After the fishing, fisherman will release the straw and the cormorant can eat the fishes.