Tickets for Apple Museum

Fruit fans, it's not what you think. This Apple Museum is based on one man's dream of changing the world! Dive into Steve Jobs' legacy, see computers dating from 1976 till the present day, and learn how the brand evolved from a concept in Jobs' parents' garage, to the planet's most profitable company!

Use your phone ticket to get into the Apple Museum, right in the heart of Prague, and then spend the whole time marveling at how it was all made possible thanks to one man.

Steve Jobs' vision of the 'app' quite literally changed the world, and for the first time ever you can see 472 Apple-related products - the largest private collection of Apple products anywhere!

See how Jobs and Woz constructed the first personal computer in a garage, learn the amazing story of Apple, and be inspired by a genius who dared to dream and changed the world.