Tickets for Europos Parkas: Open Air Museum of the Center of Europe

Explore a wooded wonderland of artistic treasures! Europos Parkas features over 90 artworks from around the world, spread around leafy woodlands, rolling hills, and natural springs. Europe's largest open-air museum spans 55 hectares at the exact geographical center of Europe.

Marble floors and fancy architecture are all well and good, but you'd be hard pressed to beat Lithuania's bucolic countryside as a space to feel in touch with art. Bright yellow blossoms dot the hillsides, while sunlight drenches the misty woods in color and shapeshifting shadows.

Meander the breathtaking hilly pastures, atmospheric forest trails, and freshwater springs on the hunt for thought-provoking sculptures and towering art installations that jut up from the landscape in dramatic fashion.

It's an atmospheric adventure of art, nature, and imagination.