Tickets for Guided Tour of Hitler's Vienna

Wind the clocks back to the early 20th century and explore the unassuming beginnings of one of history's darkest chapters. Take a guided walking tour of Vienna and learn about the formative years of a young postcard artist named Adolf Hitler. Discover the factors that influenced him in early life, before his rise to power and descent into evil.

You'll be guided around the spots in Vienna that influenced young Hitler's mind and political ambitions.

This sobering tour seeks not to humanize Hitler, but to understand the political circumstances which allowed an unremarkable young artist to become the most infamous man in world history - and the fallout of his ultimate rise to power.

With your guide, you'll trace the scars of World War II, visit the sites of 53 bomb attacks that destroyed much of Vienna and hear about the monument to the Red Army which still stands.

You'll also see the only Viennese synagogue that remained standing after the war and learn about what happened to one of the largest Jewish communities in the world at the time.