Tickets for Jet Ski Adventure on Lake Mead

People who say that money can't buy happiness have clearly never rented a jet ski! Squeeze your recommended yearly dose of adrenaline into a few hours with a Jet Ski Adventure across Lake Mead! Learn the ropes from a qualified instructor before a full-throttle thrillride across Nevada's most rugged reservoir.

Treat your inner thrillseeker to a shot of wave-splitting horsepower, and skim across the crystal waters of Lake Mead at the speed of pure joy.

Jet around from shore to shore and scoot up the Colorado River to the world-famous Hoover Dam.

Reach vision-blurring velocities, carving mini rainbows through the spray, or slow to a breezy crawl and explore the quiet coves and inlets hidden among the towering cliff faces.

Cool off with some fresh bottled water and tuck into a hunger-busting lunch as you settle back into your senses.

Make sure to take some time to soak up the magnificent scenery - it's quite stunning from a stationary position too!