Tickets for Kunstbibliothek: Skip The Line

Feeling arty? This 'art library' is one of the world's largest museums dedicated to all aspects of art. Inside you'll find thousands of paintings, drawings, photographs, and examples of graphic design, fashion, and multimedia art. With regularly rotating exhibitions, it's an art lover's dream!

Berlin's Kunstbibliothek is committed to the study and preservation of art, so it's fitting that you'll find plenty of it inside. Its mammoth permanent collections range from architecture (with over 50,000 drawings charting European architecture through the ages), to the costume library, and even an ornamental engravings collection!

Combining an active research library and engaging museum, you're free to request and examine artifacts in the specially equipped study room, or simply browse the exhibitions and soak everything in at your own pace.

Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired to pick up a paintbrush yourself!