Tickets for Monet2Klimt Art in Motion

Immerse yourself in a rich world of colors, expression, and genius with a ticket to Monet2Klimt Art in Motion. This multimedia exhibition features a curated collection of 140 works by Monet, Van Gogh, and Klimt in spectacular high-res projections that flood the exhibition walls with seminal art. Just Gogh!

The artworks of the three painters literally become larger-than-life. Their paintings have been animated and projected onto the walls so that the space around you fills up with masterpieces, often with a 3D effect as they spill from one wall onto the next pillar and beyond.

The exhibition marks the way in which each artist helped pull painting from classical to modern and you can bask in the essence of each painter.

The hazy eye and melting patterns of Monet's impressionism give way to the more vivid and dreamlike works of Van Gogh's post-impressionism. Though his inner turmoil is by now (in)famous, the vibrancy of his painting never ceases to impress. And that brings us to Klimt and the controversial symbolism of his particular Art Nouveau style.

A soundtrack of classical music and sound effects adds an auditory dimension to this most visual of experiences. If this doesn't leave an impression on you, nothing will.