Tickets for Ripley's Aquarium of Canada: Skip The Line

Discover the rainbow of tropical fish and exotic marine life at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada. Skip the line and get immersed in the fascinating deep blue world of sharks, rays, turtles, eels, freshwater fish, and lots more.

Watch toothy sand tiger sharks patrol the waters of Dangerous Lagoon, and see them galumph down impressive amounts of bonito, herring, and squid at feeding time. You'll have to imagine the ominous cello music - these menacing-looking beasties are actually gentle looking.

Move through the massive glass tunnel and watch green sea turtles glide past sawfish, while moray eels poke their serpentine heads out from the rocks.

See Giant Pacific Octopi, paddlefish, American lobsters, cod, wolf eels, and more of Canada's native aquatic wildlife in the Canadian Waters gallery, and check out smooth stingrays in Ray Bay, and envy the jellyfish floating through life in Planet Jellies.

The aptly named Rainbow Reef has a kaleidoscope of vibrant exotic fish cruising colorful coral. See Picasso triggerfish, Harlequin Tuskfish, unicorn surgeonfish, and more live up to their flamboyant names.