Tickets for The Monumental Complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore

History bounces back to life at the complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore - an old church at the geographic center of the ancient Greek-Roman city of Naples. See the remains of a Roman market, photograph the colorful frescoes in the Sisto V Hall, browse old relics in the museum, and spot the grotesque decorations in the otherwise stunning Chapter Hall.

Feel historical Naples unfolding around you as you explore the monumental complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore. This is literally the geographic center of ancient Neapolis, which was founded in 470 BC by Greek colonizers with big dreams and even bigger architectural skills. It's a must for history fans!

See the remains of an ancient Roman market beneath the church excavated over the course of 25 years, gaze in wonder at the ceiling frescoes of the stunning Sisto V Hall, and soak up Gothic greatness of the Chamber Hall.