Tickets for Voyage to the Falls: Niagara Falls Boat Tour

Make a (big) splash with this unmissable cruise, which gets you as close as possible to the most famous waterfalls in the world. Sure you've seen the 'Falls in pictures, but you've never really seen them until you've felt the spray on your face and heard their mighty roar for yourself.

With express admission, you can jump aboard your state-of-the-art vessel and journey along the Niagara River into the heart of the Great Gorge. There you'll find the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls... and the headlining Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Your catamaran's special design means it can get closer to the action than any other ship, giving you unprecedented views of these giants of nature. Of course, it also means you'll get very wet – but feeling the glacial spray is all part of the fun, and onboard heating and included poncho make sure you're not dripping for the rest of the day!