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Hanbok Experience and Professional Photo Shoot in Insa Dong

Hanbok is a traditional Korean attire that has gained a resurgence in popularity due to its style changes and promotions from the Korean government and social m

Seoul, Korea

SGD 17.48

Nami Island Ticket and Skyline Zipwire Ticket

Hop on Nami Island Skyline Zipwire for a thrilling ride and arrive at the picturesque island for a relaxing day tour.

Gyeonggi, Korea

SGD 51.25

Traditional Hwanggeum Sauna in Myeongdong

The sauna with the highest popularity in Myeongdong, Hwanggeum Sauna provides you various kinds of spa with sophisticated facilities. Believe it or not, you can

Seoul, Korea

SGD 41.17

Seoul Land Theme Park Ticket

Enter Seoul Land Theme Park, Korea’s first amusement park. Dress up for seasonal festivals, enjoy fun rides, and compete to win prizes.

Seoul, Korea

SGD 20.94

Jeonju Hanok Village 1 Day Tour

The Slow City, come to Jeonju Hanok Village to experience the Korean traditional culture. Take a look of Hanok Village, Hanbok, and Korean food.

Jeonju, Korea

SGD 58.12

Seoul Private Charter Tour (4 or 8 Hours)

Enjoy this guided city tour in the heart of Seoul and choose from a 4 or 8 hour charter. Customize your trip and decide on your own personal itinerary.

Seoul, Korea

SGD 264.82

Busan Night Yacht Tour: Marine City and Gwangan Bridge

Board a luxury yacht for a romantic night tour of Busan. Sail past the stunning Busan skyline and watch the Gwangan Bridge light up as you enjoy a hearty BBQ di

Busan, Korea

SGD 59.44

Seoul Spa Day Aromatherapy Massage Treatments

Unwind with a soothing massage treatment in Spa Day, one of Seoul's popular spas. Rejuvenate the body and mind with aromatherapy and magnet therapy.

Seoul, Korea

SGD 124.75

Jeju Island Zip Line Experience

Engage in a unique experience allowing you to see the different sides of Jeju island. Swing over the green tea garden and lotus pond. Catch a glimpse of idyllic

Jeju, Korea

SGD 29.06

Busan Day Tour: Ganjeolgot, Gamcheon Culture Village, and Janglim Port Painted Village

Travel with a professional Chinese/Korean-speaking tour guide. First go for Ganjeolgot in Ulsan. Head back to Busan and taste delicious, fresh seafood in Gijang

Busan, Korea

SGD 47.79

Custom Ring Making at Ring University

Bring home a unique souvenir from Seoul, Korea. Create your own customized ring at Ring University in Myeongdong or Hongdae. Fashion a ring out of pure silver i

Seoul, Korea

SGD 45.21

Day Tour from Seoul: Space Tower Aero Bar, OOOZOOO Illumination Garden, cherry Picking and Premium Outlet

Venture out to Icheon from Seoul. Visit the Space Tower Aero Bar for a stunning panorama. View spectacular light displays at OOOZOOO Illumination Garden. Enjoy

Seoul, Korea

SGD 106.41

Seoul Cupcake Baking Experience

Get creative in this fun cupcake baking class at the heart of Seoul. Join "I'm Green Guesthouse" for an afternoon of baking and learn how to sculpt decorative f

Seoul, Korea

SGD 93.00

Udo Island Bicycle Rental

See the most spectacular attractions of Jeju Island and Udo Island. With the convenience of a super efficient and mobile bicycle, experience the wonderful atmos

Jeju, Korea

SGD 11.62

Skylake Cosmetic Café - Korean Skincare-Making Experience

Make your own beauty products with oriental herbs in Daegu, Korea. Experience a fun DIY class and create your skincare using fresh ingredients.

Daegu, Korea

SGD 10.46

NANTA Show Tickets in Seoul

Check out the must-watch comedy NANTA, Korea's longest running show. Treat yourself to an energetic performance that introduces the country's rich culinary heri

Seoul, Korea

SGD 30.07

Couple Lounge One Day Pass

Here at Couple Lounge, you might feel like to be in a luxurious Hotel lounge with the breathtaking view of Gwangalli Beach.

Busan, Korea

SGD 8.51

Day Tour from Seoul: Daecheon Beach Sky Bike and Ansan Starlight Village

Explore the Pacific coastline while riding an electric Sky Bike. Relax at the Sea View cafe overlooking the popular Daecheon Beach. See an awe-inspiring show of

Chungnam, Korea

SGD 106.41

Seoul S.A. Wedding Photoshoot Experience

Work with top photographers and hairstylists during a wedding photoshoot in Seoul. Capture the memories and take home stunning shots with your loved one.

Seoul, Korea

SGD 682.12

South Korea Unlimited 4G/LTE KT Olleh SIM Card (Delivery to Taiwan)

Access unlimited high-speed internet in Korea with your prepaid 4G SIM card. Choose from a 5-Day, 10-Day plan, or 30-Day plan and enjoy convenient delivery to y

Seoul, Korea

SGD 29.73

Seoul City Sightseeing Bus Ticket

The City Tour bus, one of the special features in Seoul, will take you to plenty popular place in Seoul downtown. Different from other routes, it'll bring you t

Seoul, Korea

SGD 14.01

Beauty Salon in Seoul - Leekyungmin Forêt Salon (Myeongdong Branch)

Visit Leekyungmin Forêt Salon in Myeongdong, Seoul. Select your own hairstyle and choose from various services, including cutting, perming, dyeing and hair trea

Seoul, Korea

SGD 52.30

Pocheon Herb Island and Edelweiss Theme Park Day Tour from Seoul

Take a day trip around Gyeonggi-do’s famous landmarks. Take a relaxing stroll around Semiwon Garden. Visit the Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park and see a lights show

Gyeonggi, Korea

SGD 109.14

Nami Island and Petite France Day Tour from Seoul

Escape busy Seoul with a day tour to picturesque Nami Island. Get a taste of Europe in Petite France then cap off the day with a ride on the Gangchon Rail Bike.

Gangwon, Korea

SGD 102.32

Seoul Kimchi Academy House

When people talk about Korea, they'll never forget about Kimchi! Seoul Kimchi Academy House not only provide you a special occasion to make your own Kimchi and

Seoul, Korea

SGD 14.00

Beauty Salon in Seoul - Leekyungmin Forêt Salon (Hongdae Branch)

Visit Leekyungmin Forêt Salon in Hongdae, Seoul. Select your own hairstyle and choose from various services, including cutting, perming, dyeing and hair treatme

Seoul, Korea

SGD 52.30

Cheongkwanjang SPA 1899 in Myeongdong (Weekday)

Complete your Korean getaway at Cheongkwanjang Spa 1899 in Myeongdong, Seoul's famous spa for rest and relaxation. Treat yourself to the spa's famous high-quali

Seoul, Korea

SGD 138.92

South Korea Unlimited 4G Portable Wi-Fi Rental (Pick-Up at Taiwan Airports)

Get your 4G Portable Wi-Fi Rental to access unlimited high-speed internet while traveling in South Korea.

All city, Korea

SGD 6.62

Jeju Island Diving Experience

Known as one of the summertime must-go places, Jeju Island not only has significant scenery on land but breeds abundance of living creatures under the sea. Wann

Gyeonggi, Korea

SGD 128.24

Seoul Color Park Picnic and Movie Experience

Go for a Korean picnic at Seoul Color Park. Avail of a Netflix Projector and watch your favorite shows outdoors. Book with KKday and enjoy a perfect picnic day

Seoul, Korea

SGD 31.39

Tongyeong Day Tour: Hallyeosudo Cable Car and Skyline Luge

Uncover Tongyeong on this sightseeing tour. Take the Hallyeosudo Cable Car over Mireuksan and ride the Skyline Luge by the coast. See colorful wall murals at Do

Busan, Korea

SGD 79.92

[Funtastic Summer] Busan City Night Tour: Yeongdodaegyo Bridge, Busan Tower, and BIFF Square

Explore Busan’s top attractions on this guided walking tour. Catch a colorful light show at Busan Tower. Visit historic Yeongdodaegyo Bridge and taste street fo

Busan, Korea

SGD 35.66

Night Tour From Seoul: Suwon Hwaseong

Gain a unique perspective of Korean history at Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. Take a romantic stroll after dark and view the magical lights of the fortress.

Suwon, Korea

SGD 88.28

Korean Beauty Consultation in Seoul - Personal Color

Head to the beauty capital, Seoul and pamper yourself with a personalized makeover. Experience K-beauty makeup, hairstyles, and fashion services by Korea’s top

Seoul, Korea

SGD 87.19

Korean 4G LTE Portable WiFi with Airport Pick-Up

Stay connected with an LTE 1GB per day 4G portable WiFi device when traveling in Korea. With pick-up from Incheon (ICN), Gimpo (GMP), Daegu (TAE), Gimhae (PUS)

All city, Korea

SGD 3.44

Everland & Caribbean Bay KKday Official Round Trip Bus Transfer from Seoul

Enjoy round-trip transportation from and to Seoul with 7 different pick-up points with the Everland and Caribbean Bay shuttle giving you longer to enjoy the rid

Gyeonggi, Korea

SGD 13.30

Beartree Park, Uiwang Rail Bike and Ansan Starlight Village Day Tour

Large Combination of Unique Attractions! Visit the local favorite Beartree Park with KKday! Get up close and personal with hundreds of Manchurian Black Bears! C

Chungnam, Korea

SGD 105.05

Jeju Island: GRANDEBLEU Private Yacht Tour

Set sail towards South Korea's stunning Jeju Island aboard a luxury yacht. Discover the volcanic coastline of Jusangjeolli Cliff. Spot dolphins from the bow and

Jeju, Korea

SGD 52.15

Trick Eye Museum Seoul Discount Ticket

Discover the wacky world of the optical illusion at the original Trick Eye Museum in Seoul's Hongdae District and enjoy a mind-boggling day for everyone to enjo

Seoul, Korea

SGD 13.83

MaxClinic Spa Treatment in Seoul

Relax at Seoul’s ultra-hip MaxClinic Spa. Head to Gangnam and indulge in their celebrity-approved luxe facials and massages.

Seoul, Korea

SGD 139.49

Busan Trick Eye Museum Ticket

Enter Busan Trick Eye Museum, Korea’s “Illusion Republic.” Immerse yourself inside a wacky world filled with creative paintings.

Busan, Korea

SGD 7.00

Seoul 63 Building Observatory Ticket

Enjoy incredible views of Korea’s capital from 264 meters above sea level in one of Seoul’s most recognizable landmarks complete with entrance to 63 Art.

Seoul, Korea

SGD 12.14

Gyeonggi Day Tour: Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Suwon Yeongdong Market, and Korean Folk Village

Immerse yourself in traditional Seoul on this picturesque day tour. Visit top Gyeonggi-do attractions such as Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, and South Korea Folk Vill

Seoul, Korea

SGD 50.61

Myeongdong Cheongkwanjang Spa 1899 Experience(Weekend Package)

Relax and unwind at Cheongkwanjang Spa 1899 in Myeongdong. With a variety of treatment programmes to choose from here at Korea's premier spas.

Seoul, Korea

SGD 139.11

South Korean School Uniform Rental

Create memorable experiences with trendy South Korean uniforms and take stylish photos at major attractions. Select from a 1, 2 , or 3-day rental to best fit yo

Seoul, Korea

SGD 23.25

Hair by Pink Bomb Hairstyling Services in Seoul

Try a new hairdo in Seoul! Visit Hair by Pink Bomb to have yourself pampered and styled by professional hairstylists. Cut, curl, and color your hair according t

Seoul, Korea

SGD 38.36

Snorkeling in Jeju Island

Known as one of the summertime must-go places, Jeju Island not only has significant scenery on land but breeds abundance of living creatures under the sea. Wann

Jeju, Korea

SGD 61.39

Seoul LK SPA Sauna Package

Step into LK SPA Sauna in Seoul, Korea and feel the stress start to melt away. Experience a traditional Korean sauna (jimjilbang) to revive tired muscles or enj

Seoul, Korea

SGD 40.01