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Fuji Safari Park・ Buffet Lunch at Gotemba Highland with All-You-Can-Drink Local Beer- from Tokyo

Visit the exciting Fuji Safari Park! Mount Fuji as the background here, take the tour bus inside the park and go for a around takes about 50 mins,All-you-can-eat buffet Lunch at Gotemba Highland with

Tokyo, Japan

USD 116.48



Hokkaido, Japan

USD 104.68

Kujuku Island Tour or Kujukushima Aquarium Tickets

Enjoy a panoramic view of Nagasaki's Kujuku Islands (99 Islands) aboard a cruise ship. Marvel at fascinating underwater creatures at Kujukushima Aquarium.

Kyushu, Japan

USD 12.53

Hakuba Valley Ski Resort 4-Day Access with Ski Lift Pass

Head to Nagano for a thrilling winter holiday. Hit the slopes of 10 different resorts with your unlimited ski lift pass. Stay in Hakuba Alps Hotel and enjoy its hot springs.

Nagano, Japan

USD 452.63

【東京美食】表參道日式居酒屋・うにしゃぶ 寿司割烹 はながこい 青山本店

位於東京都表參道/青山的日式居酒屋餐廳-うにしゃぶ 寿司割烹 はながこい 青山本店。每份套餐贈飲品⼀杯,通過KKday預訂才能享受到的福利哦。

Tokyo, Japan

USD 76.67

2019 Shirakawago Winter Light-Up, Kenrokuen Garden, and Hida Takayama 2 Day Tour from Tokyo

Depart from Tokyo and step into a winter wonderland. Witness Shirakawago’s famous winter illumination display and stroll through charming Hida Takayama with this seasonal package.

Gifu, Japan

USD 376.70

【東京美食】A5黑毛和牛排餐廳・ステーキダイニング 大地の恵み

位於東京都御徒町的黑毛和牛牛排餐廳-ステーキダイニング 大地の恵み。每份套餐贈飲品一杯,通過KKday預訂才能享受到的福利哦。

Tokyo, Japan

USD 47.92

【黑毛和牛燒肉】大阪難波燒肉・肉處 きっしゃん 難波店

不用再費心尋找美味燒肉啦!肉處 きっしゃん 難波店就位於大阪高島屋8樓,每份套餐贈飲品⼀杯,通過KKday預訂才能享受到的福利哦。

Osaka, Japan

USD 133.43

Tokyo Cuisine: Shunju Shibuya Restaurant

Discover the taste of local Japanese cuisine at this modern izakaya. Sample dishes made from Tokyo's freshest ingredients, inspired by the changing seasons.

Tokyo, Japan

USD 54.55

Biwako Valley Ski Resort and Kyoto 2-Day Tour

Venture out to Biwako Valley Ski Resort for an exciting day of winter sports. Relax in your hotel's hot springs, then visit Kyoto's famed temples and shrines, Kinkaku-ji and Fushimi Inari Taisha.

Shiga, Japan

USD 322.89

Tokyo Itoshou Vegetarian Kaiseki

Discover the exquisite dishes of Itoshou a two-Michelin star restaurant in Azabu Kadowaki, Tokyo. Savor a multi-course Japanese vegetarian dinner made with the finest seasonal ingredients.

Tokyo, Japan

USD 84.78

【東京美食】新橋山形牛燒肉店・焼肉おくう 新橋店

位於東京都新橋的燒肉餐廳-焼肉おくう 新橋店(燒肉OKUU 新橋店)。特選和牛極套餐贈飲品⼀杯,通過KKday預訂才能享受到的福利哦。

Tokyo, Japan

USD 58.24

Day Tour from Naha: Kerama Islands Diving Experience

Discover the underwater beauty of Okinawa with this Kerama Islands diving tour. Take a day to dive, snorkel, and surround yourself in Japan’s rich marine paradise.

Okinawa, Japan

USD 150.39

Shirakawago & Takayama Day Tour from Nagoya

Venture out on a scenic countryside tour to Takayama, also known as Little Kyoto of Gifu. See centuries-old farmhouses in the charming village of Shirakawago, and sample juicy Hida beef.

Gifu, Japan

USD 75.93

【大阪美食】一百八十年老字號日式料亭・花外楼 北浜本店

位於大阪府北濱的老字號日式料亭-花外楼 北浜本店。每份套餐贈送飲品一杯,通過KKday預訂才能享受到的福利哦。

Osaka, Japan

USD 221.16

Okinawa GoGo Pass: 7 Top Attractions

Journey around the island with the convenient Okinawa GoGo Pass. Get access to Okinawa's major sightseeing spots and attractions with this money-saving travel essential.

Okinawa, Japan

USD 17.69

Michelin Restaurant Suzuki Experience, Tokyo

Explore fine dining in Tokyo with this exquisite tasting menu at a traditional Japanese restaurant. Savor Michelin Star dishes at one of Japan’s famed restaurants, Suzuki.

Tokyo, Japan

USD 96.57

Kyoto Plum Blossom Tour: Kitano Tenmangu Shrine and Jonangu Shrine

Head to Kyoto to experience plum blossom season. Tour Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, featuring 50 types of plum blossoms and walk through the quaint gardens of Jonangu Shrine. Enjoy round-trip transportation

Kyoto, Japan

USD 34.65

【東京美食】早稻田傳統日式高級料亭餐廳・料亭 錦水/ホテル椿山荘東京

位於東京都早稻田的傳統日式高級料亭餐廳-料亭 錦水 /ホテル椿山荘東京。季節推薦套餐贈飲品⼀杯,通過KKday預訂才能享受到的福利哦。

Tokyo, Japan

USD 310.36

Universal Studios Japan Transportation from Kyoto

Get easy, direct transportation from Kyoto to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka in just 1.5 hrs.

Kyoto, Japan

USD 8.85



Aichi, Japan

USD 79.62

Private luxury transfer from the Civitavecchia port to hotel in Rome

End your cruise to Rome stress free with a pre-booked private transfer from Civitavecchia Port to Hotel in rome. Enjoy a professional service by luxury vehicle, and relax as your driver takes care of

Rome, Italy

USD 30.12

Vespa Panoramic Tour in Rome

History narrates that the ancient city of Rome was founded on the Palatine Hill and then expanded on the other six hills that later formed the legendary Seven Hills of Rome. Just driving one of our Ve

Rome, Italy

USD 69.50

【鎌倉美食】神奈川燒牛肉專門店・鎌倉山 本店

位於神奈川縣鎌倉的燒牛肉\烤牛肉專門店-鎌倉山 本店。 部分套餐贈送飲品一杯,通過KKday預訂才能享受到的福利哦。

Kanagawa, Japan

USD 113.53



Hokkaido, Japan

USD 84.04

AROUND ITALY: VENICE 1 DAY excursion from Milan

AROUND ITALY: VENICE ONE DAY INDIVIDUAL EXCURSION FROM MILAN Discover by yourself the wonderful city of Venice Available every day Train from Milan Central Station to Venice. Lenght of Travel: approx

Milan, Italy

USD 138.99

Tokyo Ikebana Workshop and Tea

Learn Ikebana, the art of flower arrangement, with a workshop in Tokyo. Cultivate your skills, learn Japanese culture, and savor matcha with Japanese desserts.

Tokyo, Japan

USD 73.72

【東京美食】銀座天婦羅餐廳・天ぷら 阿部 銀座本店

位於東京都銀座的天婦羅(油炸蝦和蔬菜等)餐廳-天ぷら 阿部 銀座本店。

Tokyo, Japan

USD 89.20

Siam Niramit Show Phuket

Siam Niramit is a world-class performance of Thailand's arts and cultural heritage.This must-see spectacular show features over 100 performers, lavish costumes and stunning set designs. Enhanced speci

Phuket, Thailand

USD 30.96

Discovering Venice walking tour

Piazza San Marco with its majestic Basilica, the Doge's Palace, the Procuratie, the Bridge of Sighs, the Rialto Bridge ... besides being symbols of the Serenissima republic they represent its long his

No regions/cities, Select a destination

USD 208.49

Agrigento and Piazza Armerina: Valley of the Temples and Villa Romana del Casale


Catania, Italy

USD 129.73

Small Group Gallery Borghese Tour with Skip-the-Line Admission

Enjoy the Borghese Gallery and Villa Borghese Gardens in Rome with skip-the-line admission and a guided walking tour limited to 20 people. This popular attraction often sells out in advance, so by pre

Rome, Italy

USD 70.00

Nissan P0-Class 4-Seater Car Rental in Kyushu

Explore Kyushu with a car rental for up to 7 days. Enjoy a comfortable trip around Japan's third largest island in comfort and style.

Fukuoka, Japan

USD 53.08

Brindisi Private Half-Day Trip to Ostuni and Cisternino with Dinner Included

Half-day excursion with local guide to Ostuni and Cisternino from Brindisi with typical brunch including local grilled meat. Your tour includes pickup and drop-off from the airport or train station o

Brindisi, Italy

USD 142.47

Cheongpyeong Snowflake & Trout Festival Day Tour from Seoul

Join in the fun at the Cheongpyeong Snowflake Trout Festival. Experience ice fishing and sledding while enjoying activities made for people of all ages.

Gyeonggi, Korea

USD 25.06

A different day: Fishing Tourism !!

During your holiday in Puglia, choose a different day: Fishing Tourism. Is a lovely alternative !! Join all on board activities as a member of the crew.

Bari, Italy

USD 138.99

Half day tour to Mingun

Mingun is a small riverside village, perfect destination for half-day excursion from Mandalay. You will visit Mingun Pathtodawgyi, Mingun Bell and Hsunbyume Paya. Let us leave all the concerns behind

Mandalay, Myanmar

USD 41.28

3 Chianti Classico wineries, 10 wines, meal & guide included, max 21 people

We meet in central Florence and depart (at 9.30 am sharp) and head into the Chianti Classico wine region just South of Florence. We will hit 3 different family owned wineries during the morning to see

Florence, Italy

USD 144.79

Private Walking Tour: The Classical Roman Path of the Gods

In exploring Rome’s wealth of history and power, culture and joy of living, you will be told by your special archaeologist guide stories of life and death of the Roman Empire’s heroes and villains

Rome, Italy

USD 101.93

Robocar Poli Tour Bus Day Tour from Taipei: Jiufen & Yehliu

Venture out to Northern Taiwan from Taipei on a Robocar Poli tour bus. Bring the entire family on this fun tour to view the spectacular landscapes of Yehliu and explore historic Jiufen.

Taipei, Taiwan

USD 32.44

Horse Riding Vacation in Rome

Horse riding vacation in Rome, with great horseback riding adventures trails, cultural walking tours, gastronomic tasting and  great meals , enjoy the countryside of Italy with your special friend! Y

Rome, Italy

USD 324.32


A pleasant walk in the historical heart of the city that will give you the opportunity to visit some of the most famous and symbolic sights of Rome.

Rome, Italy

USD 52.12

Disneyland California 3-Day Ticket

Discover the wonderful world of Disney at Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park.

Los Angeles, United States

USD 250.64

Naples and Pompeii Full-day Tour with Pizza Lunch from Rome

Escape the hustle and bustle of Rome for the day and take a trip along the Mediterranean Coast, travelling south down the highway towards the ancient archaeological site of Pompeii.

Naples, Italy

USD 239.76

Rainbow Magicland: The Amusement Park of Rome

Rainbow Magic Land is a fantastic theme park located just 20 minutes from Rome can offer emotions of any kind. Opened in 2011, Rainbow MagicLand is a unique Amusement Park located next to Rome, wit

Rome, Italy

USD 30.12

Pattaya Floating Market Boat Tour

Journey to Pattaya Floating Market in Thailand. Hop on a boat to discover the city and market. Try traditional Thai foods and shop for souvenirs.

Pattaya, Thailand

USD 5.16